Designing things is fun; building them is hard. We live to build things.

We love our work when we get to see that not only was it a good idea, but it actually worked in practice. It’s like walking past a skyscraper that you not only helped engineer, but also helped construct, and still help manage today.

We call that “general contracting” of systems to distinguish it from, say, a consultant’s report on how you ought to do something better. When we say general contracting, we mean making it happen, overseeing the project and staying with it for as long as needed, doing whatever is needed to make it happen. No matter what comes up, our job is to find creative solutions to make the project work. When it’s done, you’ll know you’ve got what you need. We can play a support role then or hand it over.

Example 1

A European chain of weight-loss centers entering the US market established a subsidiary to build out a US presence. We designed all things IT and internal finance for them, put the systems in place on a tight budget, trained their staff, and have supported their internal systems for all their sites since inception.

Example 2

A private foundation in San Francisco uses online drip marketing tools to educate parents in 85 countries, free of charge, how to feed their children healthier and have a healthier attitude toward food. We designed their entire message operations system using integrated with six different apps that allow them instant visibility of what’s happening in real time, and the flexibility to add/drop/change functionality, all on a tight budget; and we manage the system for them.