Sumulations and training – I

If wisdom = the ability to reason + a set of recognized patterns, then you can accelerate both elements, and get the person (yourself, your kid, your colleague) to a place of wisdom faster than waiting for them to live a full life and reflect extensively on it. Which is a great approach, no doubt, but has the drawback that by the time you’d lived and learned, you have less remaining time. Wouldn’t you want to learn quicker — to become wise fast — and help others do it, too?

Simulations are a way of giving people experiences they’ve never had. They’re faster, cheaper, more flexible, and safer. You can teach lessons in an hour that people might only get to years later and at great cost, or never. And you can make it fun. This is one reason why simulation training is used by the military, the medical profession, airline pilots, astronauts, and of course the console video game industry.