We design, build, and run infrastructure.

We are systems architects, engineers, and managers who figure out elegant ways to make complex things work well. We work on projects large and small, usually centered on connecting readily-available technologies in pragmatic ways to achieve just the right effect for the least cost. In other words, we specialize in matching off-the-shelf technology to achieve sophisticated goals, where purpose-built products don’t exist and custom solutions are too costly.

We train deeply in how to solve complex problems, because we think judgment is a skill that can be learned, and good judgment – knowing what tools and what force to apply, where, and when – is the most powerful problem-solving skill there is. Good judgment can be like magic, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of effort far into the future.

The technology tools are already out there to do most of what people want. The magic is in how you put it together.

Here are examples of products and services we love to bring together into larger and even more powerful solutions. It’s all about how you use them.


And here are some examples of how we think about solving problems. Most are related to business, some are just opinions; we hope you’ll find them helpful in getting a sense of how we think.